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Name: Jees!  1996  
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Author: Mellow chips
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Demo tested on/with: WinUAE
Requires: Amiga 1200 030 2mb fast
How the demo works: Mellow Chips


>>>> JeeS! <<<<

This is Mellow Chips' contribution to Demolition demo competition,
held in Joensuu, Finland, 26th-28th April 1996.


o AGA chipset
o 1.5mb of harddisk space
o CPU 68020+
o mathtrans system library


Copy all files to destination directory in your harddisk.
No assigns are needed, just type 'Jees!' to run the demo.
If you have problems, try to run it without startup


Sorry if you don't have at least 68030.

Though this demo works even on a plain A1200 (without any
fast mem!), don't expect too much when running the demo on
one because the chunky2planar code is optimized for fast
mem system...

Special Hellos to:

Chris Hodges, Semprini, Rick Five!, Martin Wehrens and all
cool dudes on internet who know me!

Contact Mellow Chips at


snail: Petri Häkkinen
Roantie 17
95410 Kiviranta

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