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Name: Qurea  1996  
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Demo tested on/with: WinUAE
Requires: Amiga 1200 4mb fast
How the demo works: - EMBASSY PRESENTS -

'QuReA' the '2 day' prod

.... NO NO NO NO NO .....
- released at the Ab-Duck-Tion '96 party 30.3.1996 -
.... NO NO NO NO NO .....

- released at the DEMOLITION '96 party 28.4.1996 -

Check our WWW-page at
contact us by e-mail at.

(installation that is Smile )

Just unpack the two LhA archives to some directory and run demo
by running QuReA.exe from shell/CLI and from the directory with it Smile

About 'QuReA' :

Requirements :

Well, it needs AGA and needs 4mb of FAST memory
So far it has been tested only on A4000/030 12mb FAST and due time limitations
it was only tested on a1200/060 16mb FAST.. Wink ...
so theoretically it should run OK with 4mb of ram... but well you know.. Smile

well, don't get mad, if it won't run with 4mb fast, we will release a less
memory eating version.. Wink

If any problems arise we will undoubtly release a fixed version Smile

Code Humanoid graphics Bass-cadet & Humanoid music by Temen.

ps. the LhA archive had a CRC-error when we were at ab-duck-tion'96... Smile

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