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Name: Virgill dreams  1996  
File: ESC_-_Virgill_Dreams.lzx
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Author: Essence
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Demo tested on/with: WinUAE
Requires: Amiga 1200 4mb fast
How the demo works: >> V I R G I L L D R E A M S <<

v i r g i l l

p h a s e

t o u c h s t o n e

NOTE: you can call the musicdisk with parameters! if your monitor doesn't
support NTSC (i don't know ANY monitor, that CAN'T do it), start with "PAL"
as paramter.. if you don't like the intro-part and want to see the menu
directly, start with "NOINTRO" or "NI" as parameter.. '?' will show you the
parameters, too! have fun with this production which needs aga and 4mb fast!
if you want to start this from disk, just put the data-files on several
disks and name the first disk "vd1" and the second "vd2" and it should work!

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