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Name: Elements  1996  
File: PZL_-_Elements.lzx
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Author: Puzzle
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Demo tested on/with: WinUAE
Requires: Amiga 1200 2mb fast
How the demo works: Puzzle presents a synthonic and symphonic musicdisk called:


Music & Code: MeloManiac

Graphics: Tactica

INFO: Elements is a music-disk divided into two parts, one
containing synthesizer music, the other film/orchestral
music. The demo is system-friendly, multitasks and
can run in PAL or DblPAL. The modules have been packed with
CrunchMania and can be depacked. A little problem in this
production is the amount of 'clicking' sounds created by
the replayer/the Amiga's hardware - this is especially
noticeable in the orchestral tunes and samples using
a lot of high frequencies.

REQUIREMENTS: Music-disks normally don't require that much RAM, but due
to the highres 256-colour graphics and big module sizes
it requires 1.5MB of Chip RAM and 2MB of Fast RAM to be
able to play all modules. Of course an AGA Amiga is
essential too.

THE AUTHORS: MeloManiac / Simon Ravn
Fido: 2:236/516.28 Fidonet
Amy: 39:141/120.28 Amynet
IRC: MeloMniac on EfNet: #trax, #amigascne, #amiga

Tactica / Martin Jespersen
IRC: Tactica

SPECIALGREETS: Cytron, Trip, Curt Cool, Dizy, Tricktrax, Fuzzy, Unison,
Sundown, TF, Nicko, Mickey, Hexagon, Robotnik, Bakerman,
Sticky, Screem, 2Pac, Presence, Mr. Nobrain, Nemesis1,
Dr. Awesome, Spacebrain, Deckard, Relief, Rendall, Timowl,
Mesonyx, Erek, Xilian, Andeeh, Wad, Azazel, J^zz and all
other people in the Danish groups Impact DK, Puzzle, Iris,
Depth, Ambrosia and Death Row.

Released at THE PARTY 6

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