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Name: Snowbound  1995  
File: ES_-_Snowbound.lzx
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Author: Eric Schwartz
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Demo tested on/with: WinUAE
Requires: Amiga 1200 6mb fast
How the demo works: Snowbound: an Experimental Flip the Frog cartoon by Eric W. Schwartz ©1995

CD-ROM release-

* LICENSE: This Animation is Copyright (c) 1995 Eric W. Schwartz. it is
NOT to be considered Public Domain. This particular animation is under a
one-user exclusive license. Users who buy the CD-ROM are allowed use of
the animation for personal use only, and may make copies for personal
backups ONLY. You may not copy or distribute this animation to other
users, other formats, or recorded to print or video (except for review
purposes) until May 1, 1996. After May 1, 1996 this animation can be
distributed freely. Users who do not obtain this animation directly from
the CD-ROM release are obligated to pay a minimal Shareware fee to Eric W.
Schwartz ($5 or whatever you feel an animation of this caliber is worth).
Users who buy the CD-ROM can waive the shareware fee. Permission from the
author must be obtained before you may convert these files to other
formats, Including but not limited to Print, Video, or other computer file
formats for playback on platforms other than Amiga. Finally, characters
created for these animations are the sole property of Eric W. Schwartz,
and should not be used in pictures and animations by others.

Minimum Requirement: Any Amiga with at least 5 megs of RAM and media large
enough to handle the file (Hard drive or CD-ROM). An AGA chipset Amiga is
strongly recommended.

Recommended System: AGA Chipset Amiga with 6 megs memory or above, and
Hard drive, CD-ROM, or other storage media described above.

* Some AGA/workbench 3.X users may have difficulty running this animation
(the player returns an 'out of memory' error, even when there is plenty)
or the animation plays badly centered with the edges cropped usually with
a multisync monitor.) Users experiencing these problems should, if
possible, close other programs that are on their own screens, Reconfigure
their Workbench screen to NTSC or PAL mode with 16 colors or less, and
remove any pictures used as workbench and window backdrops. These measures
should fix most of the problems associated with playing Moviesetter

This animation was created by scanning animation on paper and
reconfiguring that animation to Moviesetter form. The intent was to
determine the best possible from Moviesetter animations. The main
difficulty was the animation's story was too large for it to fit
efficiently in memory (It would likely require 18 megs or more to hold it
in its complete form). Also, the animation playback was not as efficient
as I had anticipated. Later on, I produced the animation "Plight of the
Artist" with Sabrina - as a better testament to show the full potential of
MovieSetter animation. With luck, I will produce animations to tell the
rest of the Flip the Frog "SnowBound" story in the future.

Additional credits:
Cameo by Sherri DuVall - Character ©95 Michael Higgs.

As Always,

Eric W. Schwartz

E.S. Productions
P.O. Box 292684
Kettering, OH 45429-0684

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