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Name: New 3.2GN HD  1998  
File: GFB_-_New_3.2GB_HD.lzx
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Author: Gunnars farvebio
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Demo tested on/with: WinUAE
Requires: Amiga 1200 030
How the demo works: Programming by MZ FJORTENFEMOGHALVTRES
Music by Daddy Kool
Logo by Johnny Hash
Multiplex font possibly by 2Fish or Sorcia of ex Focus Design
Scrollfont by Gunnar HIMSELF

Tech info before boredome
Sixteen multiplex sprites plus six scroll sprites
HAM eight TRUECOLOR Z Buffer lightsources lenz balls in
one times one pixels

There are also some HAM eight vector and it feature lightsource
and shadows in quite free form

This intro was released to tell you all that GFB(tm) has got a new
three point two gigabyte big harddisk, and also that
MegaDemo number C will be released soon especially if there is a
party soon otherwise it will be released just without

Greetings to

Shelter Depth Mantra Iris Efreet Loonies Network
Martinlykkeogco Fnuque Dune Impact PC Homeice Polka B Haujobb

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