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Name: H5  1997  
File: CP_-_H5.lzx
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Author: Core productions
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Demo tested on/with: WinUAE
Requires: Amiga 1200 030 4mb fast
How the demo works:
H 5

1st place at ACG Hack V
25/7 1997


This software is provided "AS-IS" and the authors will take no
responsibilities whatsoever. This program may be distributed as
long as the contents of this archive is intact and that only a
nominal fee or no fee at all is charged.

Archive consists of: H5.exe Main executable
H5.readme This textfile
ptreplay.library Library
ptreplay.readme Library textfile


o Copy included PTREPLAY.LIBRARY (v6.6) to your LIBS:
o Put the executable file H5.EXE in any directory you want
o Start it from a shell. Optional parameters are:
[ NTSC | MULTISCAN | MULTISCAN2 ] (PAL being default)
* Warning! Using these screenmodes may damage your monitor!
There is only one way to find out and we take no responsibility!


Amiga + AGA
Minimum: ~ 1M chip + 2M any + 020
Recommended: 2M chip + 4M 32bit fast + 030 @ 50MHz


Most things were done during the hack...
And we thought we made ReApp in a hurry last time Smile

H5 == Horrible Halfdone Hacked in a Hell-of-a-Hurry
(other ideas, anyone?)

programming....................................Icon & Houbba
music..........................................Farmor / NRP

Contacting us

Core Productions Andreas `Icon' Lindquist Lennart `Houbba' Marklund

. o e .

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