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Name: Video meliora proboque  1998  
File: VTR_-_Video_meliora_proboque.lzx
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Author: Venture
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Demo tested on/with: WinUAE
Requires: Amiga 1200 060 8mb fast

this version is slightly different from the party version. low-end version is
also included.

- amiga + aga or cgx,
- xpk, asyncio, mpega libraries,
- ahi,
- the best cpu (m68k only) you can find,
- general knowledge about the scene.

low-end version:
as the video meliora is very cpu-hungry we decided to make special version
for processors different than 060. this low-end version is scaled down, has
worse film quality and lacks some features like english subtitles. in this
version you have more screen modes to select (i can recomend you
super72:200x150, or extra low-res modes - they look pretty ugly). if higher
resolution was selected the screen will be (hopefully) centered. centering
is disabled in cgx modes because i (noster) don't know if it supports
horizontal screen movement.

ppc (polska platforma cyfrowa):
video meliora doesn't work on these nasty PowerUP boards. to watch the demo
please turn it off somehow (party crew did it without board removal).
as i (noster) do not have ppc, i can't fix it. i think the problem could be
with creating new dos process or message port. if anyone know sth more about
it please contact me.

thank you's:
- bax - for letting us to record audio in his studio,
- steff - for lending his bass guitar,
- skoczek - for lending his guitar

always look on the venture side of life:

facing screen again and nothing happens
another 3d scene, so fucking many of them
why watching it, why torturing your eyes
you've seen this already, nothing'll make you high
lack of new ideas spites all of this
that's the truth and nobody can deny it
make a new think, but do it good
can all this be explained by the only word

demo - fucking scenes
demo - naked girls
demo - purporting inscriptions
demo - telling nothing
demo - no invention
demo - no competention
demo - very long tunnels
demo - lack of ideas

demo shows everyone the inside of you
so why the fuck you're doing this
you wade to the kneels in dirty bog
the form is trifle - ideas not
3d scene is a tool for telling something
but please be quiet instead of saying bullshit
tunnel in every demo - vaginal complex
that's the way your sex-hunger shows up

when you don't have ideas you're in the crowd
afraid of saying something, you won't be understood
the end of century comes with a headlong
nobody appreciates Milion of Seven Seconds
now let the layman to put in the word
Killer, Paiman, Square - demos ruling World
can you think - speak, can you go - stand
go to the work that's the time to fight

demo - fight with craps
demo - thinking won't die
demo - time to grow up
demo - Scene does it now
demo - don't afraid to shout
demo - you'll be heard in a crowd
demo - do it different
demo - let it mean something

it started long ago, but lasted so short
you know the reason why it fucked up
today only money makes the Scene go round
most of the new demos are just pretty crap
you have sold your ideals at the very low price
five minutes on the stand - time when you shine
party is money, bags full of awards
so collect votesheets and vote with us

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